Weather Alert Radios.

You can visit the Unites States Governments NOAA web site here

Watching the weather means different things to different people. Sometimes it's for fun or convenience--you want to know if your golf game will be rained out or whether you should wear a jacket. Other times it's very serious--you may need to know to wake your children to escape a tornado. No matter what your weather information needs are, Oregon Scientific has a weather monitoring product perfect for you and your lifestyle!

Killer tornados, devastating earthquakes, unrelenting storms... When dangerous weather happens, information can be the crucial difference that determines whether you escape tragedy, protect your family and get through unharmed.

Because you can't know about dangerous weather everywhere, Oregon Scientific is proud to offer an important line of weather radios that provide emergency information 24-hours a day--so you and your family can stay safe. NOAA broadcasts alert you to immanent potential disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, violent storms, and floods, as well as providing critical information in the aftermath of earthquakes and other life-threatening disasters. If you don't want to be awakened or alarmed by weather warnings that don't directly affect your area, check out our state of the art S.A.M.E. Radios--they screen out unwanted broadcasts so you get only the information you want and need.

Would you like to know the temperature, rainfall, the local forecast--even the relative humidity--from the comfort of your home or office and without ever stringing a cable or wire? Now you can, with Oregon Scientific's remarkable new line of user-friendly Cable Free™ environmental monitoring products. Cable Free tm remote thermometers, hygrometers, forecasters and rain gauges--even complete weather stations--transmit data back to attractive digital consoles using radio wave technology. Oregon Scientific, where advanced technology helps tame Mother Nature...